Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Music of Manos, part 2

There is lots of music in "MANOS - the Hands of Fate" - basically twice as much background music as there is dialogue, in fact - but not too many songs. Beyond "Row Row Row Your Boat" (which is apparently the "official nursery rhyme of bad cinema"), there are three. And, with typical H.P. Warren genius-bad timing, two of them come right on top of each other. Here are the lyrics to the second one:

Baby Do a Thing With Me
from Manos - The Hands of Fate
(played at the top of the first "boy and girl making out in the car" scene)

You the one that smiled
come over here for a while
hey girl do you hear what I say
don't have time to be waiting all day

just believe that its not awful wrong
there's a reason I'm singing this song

got a big question to ask
hey thing
do you wanna do anything

baby do a thing with me
it'd be so good
come on and do a thing with me
it'd sure feel good

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